Handy Detox Tips

Over indulging a bit too much? Well here's 9 helpful little tricks to use to help you feel human again!

1. Cleanse the body by eating food that are as close to their natural state as possible 2. Try to cut down on caffeine such as coffee and tea 3. Replace juice drinks which can be very high in sugar with homemade smoothies 4. Drink lots of water throughout the day!!! 5. An excessive amount of some wheat and dairy products can leave you feeling bloated try to cut down on things such as cheese and white bread 6. Use leaner cuts of meat when cooking meals this will help you reduce your fat intake or use an alternative on occasion such as tofu 7. Take part in regular exercise, walk when possible, take the stair instead of the lift 8 . Get plenty of sleep. Rest is one of the most important times for your body it is when the most change happens and when muscles repair 9. Cut down on alcohol


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