At some point in our lives we all have the same desire to shed some excess weight (mainly after Christmas!) And like most modern people we turn to the internet for help. Browsing through page after page of diet tips, weight loss schemes and worst of all, FAD DIETS!

These are the diets that offer the miracle cure........instant weight loss without even lifting a finger. The simple fact is THEY DON'T WORK. The promise of quick weight loss without exercise is only achieved through an unbalanced, unhealthy and sometimes harmful diet which is not sustainable.

Types of FAD diets

There are many of these FAD diets around these days, below is just a few different types;

- The fruit only diet

- Liquid only diets

- The cabbage soup diet (you may lose weight but only because you will be sprinting to the toilet every 5 minutes)

- The fasting diet

- Meal replacement diets (shakes and gels no real food!)

Fact or fiction

Determining a fad diet is pretty simple. Ask yourself the following questions;

- Does the diet seem too good to be true?

- Is it sustainable?

- Is the diet backed up by scientific evidence?

- Is the diet only selling a weight loss product?

Don't be sucked into buying into these so called miracle cures, a healthy, balanced and calorie controlled diet is key to dropping that unwanted weight and keeping it off.

Remember it's a lifestyle change so cut out bad eating habits such as;

- Snacking late at night

- Skipping breakfast

- Starving yourself (this will lead to serious health problems)

Instead try to;

- Consume more water

- Prepare your own meals (ready made meals contain high levels of fat, sugar and additives)

- Cut out high sugar foods such as biscuits and chocolate

- Get more active

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